Dog Hunting Tribal Groups Slaughter Another Rhino in Zululand

Sorry, yet another nasty report. Probably the worst yet.

I dissolved into a blubbering wreck when I saw it last night and have only just worked up the courage to post it. Regrettably, I feel I have to publish these to let the world know what these savages are up to. Maybe somewhere, someday soon, someone will get the message and do something about it. Please try to put your emotions aside and help us in spreading the word to whomsoever you think matters and might be motivated to cause some action to take place with governments and administration, no matter how seemingly trivial. The target should really be the Chinese and Vietnamese, who are creating the demand.

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It seems like the fat cats at the UN, national governments and other mainstream conservation agencies are simply sitting back, saying little or nothing and doing even less.

The sheer barbarity and depravity of such an act simply defies belief and I apologize for anyone that may be upset by what they see here. However, just think about the Rhino and what they must have had to endure!

This rhino was chased over a cliff by hunting dogs and the horn taken when it couldn’t move at Nagel Dam Umgeni valley. The calf searched for day and night to find its massacred mother.

An ever-present threat to Zululand’s wildlife, a dog hunting tribal group just outside the Imfolozi gate near Somkhele. The photos are from a moving vehicle and by game reserve visitor. This is the face of Africa, its wildlife being plundered to extinction in many of its regions.

If you’d like to get involved, please check out the Zululand Wildlife eForum’s Facebook page.

5 Responses to “Dog Hunting Tribal Groups Slaughter Another Rhino in Zululand”

  1. Anyone who eats meat creates a demand for the exact same thing. I’m not saying people shouldn’t eat meat (I do). I’m saying that what happens in slaughterhouses across the world isn’t that much different.

  2. Don’t be a muppet, Billy. Of course it’s not the same thing. Rhino are wild animals; the cows and sheep meat-eaters eat are bred to be killed. They are NOT endangered. There are about 1.2 billion cows on the planet, but only a few hundred rhino.

  3. Hi there

    I would like permission to use the photograph of the rhino cow and calf to create a pastel painting for a rhino conservation event that is planned to be held at the annual KKNK in April this year. I am donating a few paintings for sale towards raising funds for the cause.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards.

    Ansie Els

  4. It does create a demand for meat. But last time i checked cows are NOT in danger of becoming extinct either.

  5. Absolutely! Feel free to use the image. They were sent to us by a close friend who shares your passion. Thank you for your work in helping to conserve these beautiful creatures!

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