Meanwhile, In California… a Coastal Road Collapses Into the Pacific Ocean.

California’s Coastal Cliffs Are Collapsing…

A 600-foot section of road quietly slips into ocean…

City engineers have hired an outside firm to analyze the soil after the ground under Paseo Del Mar in San Pedro slid away Sunday. No one was hurt.

A 600-foot section of a bluff-top roadway in San Pedro collapsed into the Pacific Ocean following heavy weekend rains, instantly carving a sheer, gaping canyon into the shoreline.

The earth and asphalt moved as a giant block, slipping away gently and swiftly about 3 p.m. Sunday, L.A. City Engineer Gary Moore said.

“This entire coast along here is a cliff,” Moore told reporters Monday, standing about 25 feet from the edge of the newly formed drop-off. “So nature has created a new cliff.”

The 100-foot-high coastal bluff on Paseo Del Mar between Western and Weymouth avenues has been moving slowly seaward for several months, but Sunday marked the first time that a sizable mass of earth slid away at one time. []

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