One Response to “Basic Demands of the 99%”

  1. Ahem – this is supported by 99% … REALLY?

    Prosecution of finance crimes – you can’t do this without naming names and what laws were broken…and none of you guys have done anything to aid in that. But where’s the demands to throw Barney Frank and Chris Dodd in jail for their regs that led to the mortgage crisis with Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac?

    Campaign Finance Reform – money is speech, and I don’t want ANY laws trying to tell me WHEN and WHERE I can criticize the government!

    End two party voting system – so which party are you going to back to make it a three-way, four-way, or more parties? The Greens? The Libertarians? The Socialist Party? There’s the Tea Party out there!

    Restore Civil Liberties – what liberties did you lose? The feds aren’t respecting the 10th amendment which would go a long way to help things along…

    Verify All Votes – Only when a Democrat is supposedly screwed out of an election he lost by a narrow margin we want the recount, if it’s a Republican too bad you lose…come on.

    End Wars and Occupation – That was tried right before WWII…didn’t work, Japan attacked us anyway.

    Constitutional Amendments – which ones? What are they? Balanced Budget Amendment? I support that. Line Item Veto? I support that. Term limits for Congress? I support that. Any others?

    I made my point…

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